Dr. Edward J. Schnee Endowed Program Support Fund

Dr. Schnee receiving the National Alumni Association’s
2019 Outstanding Commitment to Teaching Award

Dr. Edward J. Schnee is the Hugh Culverhouse Professor of Accounting in the Culverhouse School of Accountancy. His teaching career spans over 40 years, and he has taught at The University of Alabama since 1982. In 2019, Dr. Schnee received the National Alumni Association’s Outstanding Commitment to Teaching Award as well as the College of Business Board of Visitors Teaching Achievement Award.

The Dr. Edward J. Schnee Endowed Program Support Fund will ensure continued educational and research excellence related to tax. Specifically, the endowment will provide support for students (assistantships and scholarships), faculty (attract, support, and retain top faculty), and technology resources (tools for research and analytics).

Dr. Schnee is well-known on both the national and state levels. Nationally, he was a cofounder of the American Accounting Association’s American Taxation Association, the first editor of the Journal of Legal Tax Research, has won several awards for teaching and research, and has chaired committees that directly impact tax policy. In Alabama, he has long overseen the Federal Tax Clinic, which supports continuing education for tax practitioners and scholarships for students, and has counseled countless CPAs and law firms to help them interpret and apply the most difficult tax issues.

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“Dr. Schnee has taught numerous tax classes at the graduate and undergraduate level. He has been the Director of our nationally respected Masters of Tax Accounting (MTA) program for well over 30 years. He has shared his knowledge in so many ways with so many people at so many important points of their education and career. He also has taught others how to teach and find the answers themselves, and communicate them effectively to others.

I have been a colleague of Dr. Schnee’s for 24 years and, for 18 of those years, I sat in the office next to his. Here is an example of Ed as I have known him for all of those years—preparing for a class he has taught for over 30 years as if it were the first time, with three or four 1,000+ page books open in front of him, allowing him to better understand an issue so that he can teach it better than he did the year before. In other words, he teaches every class as if it is the first time he has ever covered the material.
Dr. Rich Houston; Director, School of Accountancy

The laws will change over time, so it’s not what you know, but rather how you think that differentiates you from everyone else. Much more difficult to teach that, in addition to being harder for the  students to do, but that’s how much Dr. Schnee cares and how much he invests.
MTA 1986, CPA Firm Partner

Dr. Schnee’s unique teaching style taught me how to be a critical thinker and pushed me in a way that has prepared me for my career. Dr. Schnee uses a socratic teaching style that is typically reserved for law school classes, which prepared me to think critically about what I was learning and also learn the tax law in a way that stuck with me for the long run.
MTA 2016, Tax Policy Advisor for US Senator