Accounting for Non-Majors

Certain business skills are both universal and in high demand. A fluency in accounting empowers students with the knowledge to understand the way an organization works as well as how it maintains its ability to operate and grow. Accounting skills are necessary for any business owner or professional.

The Accounting specialization for non-majors offers students a way to learn accounting without the expectation of a career centered on it. This specialization is recommended for students who anticipate a need to manage the financial health and ethical standing of an organization, whether from a CEO’s perspective or from various levels of business. Accountants work all across the world, but Culverhouse accountants are in demand.

***The Accounting for Non-Majors Specialization is a 9-hour specialization. AC 310 and AC 311 are required. Not open to General Business majors.


Professional Accounting

The Culverhouse School of Accountancy is one of the country’s most prominent. This concentration is the reason. Professional accounting is designed for students who plan to attend graduate school to earn a master’s degree in Accounting (MAcc or MTA) and/or sit for the CPA exam. Students pursuing professional accounting will understand the process by which a person or business accumulates, utilizes and maintains capital. This path is recommended for students with an interest in setting up or working for a firm. Furthermore, the major offers students an immersive, hands-on understanding of the pricing of securities in capital markets, the designing of incentive systems and measurements, and the best practices concerning issues such as executive compensation and fluency in derivative markets.

***Professional Accounting is a 9-hour specialization. AC 456 and AC 471 are required.